Pursue Your Passion

Pursue that which is near and dear to your heart. That is one of the few ways to get happiness. It is an escape from the norm. It GIVES YOU SOMETHING TO ASPIRE TO. Something that isn’t so tangible. Few things are as pure as ideas and intent. Whether they get shewed or not they at less they once started with good intentions.


Those who wish to commission Ronnie Singletary for a drawing or painting email me.

In the email include the details of the picture you want completed.


Medium (Acrylic, graphite, charcoal, or ink)

Media (Paper, Canvas, Wood, Illustration Board, or Bristol)

Framed or unframed

The picture (if you need anything done from photograph)

The details (if you want a particular scene or anything done freehand) Be specific

I will calculate a price based on your requirements.

Contact: drawn2me.com@gmail.com

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart in life, that’s what keeps you fulfilled. It saddens me that things are the way they are sometimes, but we must not worry about the future. The future takes care of itself. It is not our world to save, but still it matters how we treat one another. Be good to one another; in hopes that the favor is returned. We only get one time here on Earth, so be careful to live it correct.