Try a Different Approach

The way that many artists go about their art business is a cause that stagnant results. Sometimes, artists need to try a different approach to their art.

This can mean many things, but one example is to change the message behind your art. Giving it a different crowd can add new appreciation to what you are doing. It can also mean to try a different approach within yourself. Figure out what motivates you as an artist and feed from that energy. Momentum is a very powerful force. It can break a limb or it can fulfill a destiny.

Above all else persistence and hard work are the key. Talent only gets you so far.

Calling Me

Acyrlic on Paper

            Acrylic on Paper

The inner angst of the creative spirit and the choices that follow. As people and artists we suffer with choices of the correct path to follow in life. What that path entails and is it the one for us. Dealing with decisions is an enormous task for most. Some tarry under such task.