Want to Build a Website: Try WordPress for Dummies it Helps

A great book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to create their own website. If you already have a website it serves as a great note for those who may have questions. When I first built my website I had to do it on my own and with tutorials from the web. Had I used this book I would have many questions answered earlier.
I originally bought it from Barnes and Noble at the Magnolia Mall. I thought it would be a good reference, and it was. WordPress for Dummies has two parts. One part is for those who use the free service; the second part is for those who use WordPress as a host.
Many people have asked what I use to set up drawn2me.com; WordPress is who I host with? My domain name registers through godaddy.com. They can use wordpress as a host for a small fee. That is the route I would recommend for a novice. The book tells you the basics: how to post an article, add pictures, blogging basics, and a lot of other tips that are useful. Lisa Sabin-Wilson (the author) gives you a list of the top ten plugins to use. Akismet is a fave. I wish I had it before the spammers got to my inbox and hacked me.
This book is an essential for aspiring and intermediate bloggers. Shop for it by clicking the link. There will be many more items I have to recommend. All of which helped me on my journey to becoming an artist and a blogger.

Stay Tuned!